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亚裔美国人不仅在好莱坞和政界的代表性不足,而且在研究领域也明显缺乏代表性。参与 心连心项目可以让您的观点得以体现。




"It's nice to have a safe space to talk about experiences being Asian."
"I would suggest this to someone because I believe that this could really help them reflect on their identity (and their parents') and could also help them bond with their parents."
"It is very guided, so it leaves less room for argument. I think it helps you learn more about yourself and your parent/guardian." 
"I would recommend this study because it was an enjoyable and important process. After hearing how little data there is on Asian Americans, I think it is important to contribute to studies!"
"I really grew a closer bond with my parent after this session. I learned a lot about him and his opinions. I think every teen should have a safe and regulated space to talk about these topics with their parents." 
"It was interesting to see how my family member reacted. It was also important because my family member learned what I would have done."
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