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Study Activities

If the participating teen is between the ages of 16-18, the BOBA Project involves the following study activities:


All study activities will be conducted virtually. Please see below for more details on the study activities.

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1. Online Surveys

Once you have completed our BOBA online eligibility questionnaire, parents/guardians and teens will each be invited to participate in two 30-minute surveys (1 hour total) separately. In the surveys, we will ask about your opinions, identity, life experiences, relationships, and well-being. Survey responses will be stored in a secure server and we will not share your answers to these questionnaires with one another. 

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2. Virtual Activity Session with Parent

After completing the two surveys, parents/guardians and teens will have a virtual activity session over Zoom that takes approximately one hour to complete. In the session, parents and teens will discuss hypothetical scenarios surrounding current issues that affect Asian Americans.


The session will be video and audio recorded, and the recordings will be stored securely on our server at Brigham and Women's Hospital and will only be available to the research team.

To prepare for this session:

  • Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can participate in this virtual session without interruptions.

  • Locate a setting where you can be within view of the camera

  • Have Zoom downloaded on your computer and ensure a stable internet connection.

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3. Follow-Up Survey

We will follow up with parents/guardians and teens through a short 10-minute online survey regarding conversations that occurred in the week following the parent virtual activity session.

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