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Check out the media coverage on Asian American issues featuring the work of our team.

Research on teen social media use has a racial bias – studies of white kids are widely taken to be universal

Most research on teen social media use has been conducted on white teens and college students. As a result, it is unclear to what extent overlooked populations such as racial and ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities and other vulnerable adolescent populations may be using social media in different ways. (The Conversation)

Young Teen Texting
February 20, 2023

The Rise in Anti-Asian Hate Is Harming Asian American Health

New research on Asian Americans explores how the wave of racism in the pandemic era might be affecting Asian Americans biologically as well as psychologically, and how even indirect anti-Asian racism can alter physical functioning (Med Page Today)

January 4, 2023

TEDx Talk: Finding the words to heal from racial trauma

Why is it so hard for families to talk about racism? From the perspective of cultural psychologist Dr. Richard Lee, the silence that follows racial trauma is often due to a lack of racial literacy and can result in further problems. In this candid talk, he shares how his own experience with racial trauma as a child is now a catalyst for having critical conversations about race. (TEDx Talks)

Rich Lee.jpeg
December 17, 2022

Liu Explores How Discrimination and Stress Impact Mental Health in Understudied Populations

Cindy Liu, PhD, shares her research interests in developmental psychology and the importance of recognizing the impact of Asian American Discrimination on mental health disparities among Asian American communities. (Brigham Clinical & Research News)

October 17, 2022

Psychology professor and
NIH-funded research team to study how racial discrimination affects adolescent Asian Americans’ mental health

Hate crimes, discrimination, and harassment against Asian Americans in the United States have risen rapidly in recent years, and Notre Dame psychologist Lijuan (Peggy) Wang wants to know how that has impacted adolescents and what factors can be leveraged to protect and promote their mental health. (University of Notre Dame News)

October 14, 2022

How COVID-19 taught America about inequality in education

The pandemic has disrupted education nationwide, turning a spotlight on existing racial and economic disparities, and creating the potential for a lost generation. (The Harvard Gazette)

Child Studying
July 9, 2021

Tiffany Yip wants Asian Americans to be seen and treated with respect

Tiffany Yip, PhD, wishes it hadn't taken a series of violent attacks against Asian Americans for the large, diverse ethnic group of which she is a member to become the focus of national attention. (American Psychological Association)

June 18, 2021

'A collective trauma': Asian Americans confront mental health crisis amid rise of racist attacks

Asian Americans, especially the elderly, are battling the mental health toll of a recent wave of racial attacks. (USA Today)

June 7, 2021

Asian Americans who experienced COVID-related racism report increased levels of anxiety, depression, and PTSD

The devastation wrought by COVID-19 has triggered a mental health crisis among millions of Americans. But Asian Americans are also wrestling with the added stress of anti-Asian racism fueled by the pandemic—and the consequences are profound. The results of three new studies, released in late May, on the effects of anti-Asian racism on mental health, indicate that Asian Americans are grappling with high rates of psychological distress. (The Boston Globe)

June 16, 2021

Report: Asian Americans more stressed by anti-Asian hate than COVID-19

Asian Americans may be experiencing more stress from first-hand anti-Asian racism than from COVID-19 itself, according to a new report from Stop AAPI Hate. (KQED)

June 1, 2021

The mental health cost of anti-Asian hate on the AAPI community

After a surge in anti-Asian hate crimes over the last year, a new report shows that the rise in racism is taking a serious toll on the mental health of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders — and they’re not getting the help they need. (The Hill)

May 27, 2021

Harvard researchers and clinicians battle 'Silent Pandemic' of mental health issues

For nearly 15 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has halted everyday life in the United States and much of the world. As in-person interactions shifted to screens, tens of millions of people were forced to adapt to life under the persistent threat of a lethal virus. Although vaccines have tempered cases, Americans have been subjected to a year of isolation and uncertainty, taking a significant toll on their mental health. (The Harvard Crimson)

May 27, 2021

Asian Americans and the model minority dilemma

In light of recent attacks, a BU Asian health expert on the group’s experiences of racism, alienation, and anxiety. (BU Today)

Shared Office Desk
March 23, 2021

I'm helping my Korean-American daughter embrace her identity to counter racism

“I’m not sure Asian-American families can avoid ‘the talk’ any longer,” one expert said. (New York Times)

March 19, 2021
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