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Among teens who have already completed the Social Media Study Activity, we will select 45 to take part in the Additional Interview Activity. We will also select 45 parents to take part in the Additional Interview Activity. In this study activity, we are trying to better understand how Chinese American parents and teens think about their racial identity (for example, being Asian or Asian American) and how this relates to their experiences.

This will be a 45-minute Zoom session where an interviewer will ask you some open-ended questions relating to racial/ethnic identity, family, and your personal experiences. You will do this activity on your own, separately from your parent/teen. This means that you and your parent/teen will each have your own 45-minute Zoom session if you have both been invited. 

Each participant will receive $40 upon completion of the activity.

If you have been invited, you will have received an email from us (at with instructions on how to get started.

Were you invited to do this activity and have additional questions not answered here? Please email the Study Coordinator, Candice Ma, at

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