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Welcome to the BOBA Project!

The BOBA Project is an online research study about how Chinese/Taiwanese teens and their parents have conversations about what it means to be Asian American. 

In this research study, we:

  • Provide a space for teens and their parents to share their perspectives about being Asian American.

  • Uplift Asian voices in conversations about racial/ethnic identity.

  • Build bonds between families, researchers, and Asian American communities.

Teens* and their parents who enroll in the BOBA Project will: 

  1. Complete online surveys

    • You will have a chance to share your opinions and your experiences as an Asian American 

  2. Meet us for a 1-hour Zoom session

    • We will ask you to do a guided conversation activity with each other. In the activity, we will show you scenarios related to Asian American identity and you will share with each other your perspectives about each scenario. 

  3. Receive up to $120 and BOBA-related prizes

    • ​It’s our way of thanking you for your participation!

The BOBA Project is being conducted through the Developmental Risk and Cultural Resilience Lab at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. This work is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

*Participating teens between 12-15 will be invited to do these study activities again next year.

Participating Family Experiences:

“Those were thought provoking questions, and I could see that my experience growing up is very different than my daughter's.”

Chinese American parent from Lexington, Massachusetts

tiffany and daughter1.HEIC

*Quotes were provided anonymously and do not belong to families pictured here.

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