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Study Activities for Invited Friends

For invited friends, participating in the BOBA Project involves the following online study activities:

Click on one of the buttons above or see below to view more details about each of the study activities. 

You will receive a $30 gift card once you are finished with the session with a friend and the two surveys.

1.  Virtual Activity Session with a Friend (Peer Session)

You will be asked to do a peer virtual activity session with your friend. This session will take place over Zoom and take approximately 1 hour to complete.


During the session, we will show you four scenarios related to Asian/Asian American identity and ask you both to share with each other what you would do if you were to encounter such a situation. Through this guided conversation activity, you will be able to learn more about each others' perspectives and we can hear about your experiences as Asian/Asian American teens. Note that you do not have to be in the same physical location as your friend to participate in the session together. 

The session will be video and audio recorded. The recordings will be stored securely on our server at Brigham and Women's Hospital and can only be viewed by our research team. 

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To prepare for this session:

  • Make sure you have Zoom downloaded on your computer and a stable internet connection.

  • Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can participate without interruptions.

  • Locate a setting where you feel comfortable turning off any Zoom backgrounds (including blurred backgrounds). This is so we can see both of your faces clearly during the session. 

  • Make sure both of you can be within view of the camera (e.g., sit side-by-side in-person if possible or have your face in the center of the frame) 

  • Get to know who will be running your session here

2. Surveys

After you have completed your session with your friend, you will be asked to complete two 30-minute surveys (1 hour total). In the surveys, we will ask you questions about your opinions, life experiences, relationships, identity, and health and wellbeing. 


Survey responses will be stored in a secure server and we will not share your answers to these surveys with anyone outside of our research team, including your friend or family members. 

friend taking survey phone 1_edited.jpg

Note that once you enroll in the BOBA Project, we will ask for your parent/guardian's permission for you to participate in this research study. We will send you a link to an online consent form for your parent to sign. 

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