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Refer a Family

After you finish your follow-up survey, you may be asked to refer a family to participate in the BOBA Project. If you choose to do this, we will thank you by sending you an additional $5 gift card for each family you refer. In order for you to receive this gift card, the family you refer must input your unique research code. Our research staff will send you more information about this (including your unique research code) after you finish your follow-up survey.

Asked to Refer a Family?

Please use the flyer below to refer a family to participate in the BOBA Project!

Refer a Friend Flyer.png

Referred by a Friend to Participate?

Click a button below! Note that in order for your friend to receive a $5 gift card for referring you, you must input your friends' unique research code when you fill out your 5-minute screener survey.

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